Full function testing of a ULF system

fire suppression system at tayto

We recently completed full function testing of a ULF system protecting several frying lines on behalf of Tayto.

Working with the client and their insurer, Zurich, DAS developed and implemented the fire protection strategy for the process lines producing thousands of packets of pork scratchings a day. This mission critical production line is crucial to the operation of the factory, ULF was selected as an approved, robust and reliable fire suppression solution which could repeatedly operate with limited post operation downtime.

The system consists of a 5 zoned pre-action deluge arrangement, actuated by a mixture of heat and flame detection supplied from a redundant capacity pump set. The system utilises FM approved water mist technology to FM5560-J, proven through full scale fire testing and vigorous component testing to ensure successful fire extinguishment today and throughout the life of the system.

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