A method of containing, suppressing or extinguishing fires by using microscopically small drops of water ejected at high velocity and high pressure as a mist, as a foam covering denying the fire access to oxygen or as larger droplets of water in a conventional sprinkler system. Only the sprinklers immediately over or adjacent to the fire are activated, minimising any water damage. Alternativley we design systems activated by electrical detection where the whole protected area is required to discharge (Deluge system)

    • Low and High pressure watermist

Watermist is a versatile and highly efficient fire-fighting medium. What differentiates Watermist from traditional water based systems is its reduced droplet size. When a droplet of water vaporises, it expands by some 1,600 times. Because heat absorption is a function of surface area and not volume, smaller droplets mean more surface area and therefore faster heat absorption. Watermist has the unique ability to deliver water as a fine atomised mist. This mist is quickly converted to steam that smothers the fire and prevents further oxygen from reaching it. At the same time, the evaporation creates a significant cooling effect of combustion gases and blocks the transfer of radiant heat. In this way, Watermist combines the fire suppression properties of both conventional water-based Deluge or sprinkler systems and gaseous fire suppression systems. However, smaller droplets do not necessarily mean better performance. Droplets must have the necessary momentum to get to the seat of the fire where they rapidly cool, and expand to deny the fire oxygen. Utilising the unique properties of Watermist, DAS Fire offers both a low and a high-pressure version of WaterMist delivering droplet momentum to the seat of the fire.

    • Kitchen Suppression

ANSUL products protect more food service kitchens from fire than any other brand. The R-102 Fire Suppression System incorporates a flexible design with an extremely effective ANSULEX Low pH Liquid Agent. This agent quickly knocks down flames and cools hot surfaces, while generating a tough vapor securing blanket that helps prevent re-flash.

    • HV & MV Sprayers

A typical waterspray system comprises of a series of discharge nozzles fitted in groups or zones of protection within the distribution pipework. The type of nozzle, the flow rate, and discharge angle is determined by the type of risk involved. The distribution pipework is linked to a manually operated Deluge system control valve. In the event of a fire, a fire alarm will be raised at the main control point when two or more smoke, heat or optical detectors are activated by the fire. The Deluge system control valve is then manually operated so that the open waterspray nozzles operate simultaneously to control and suppress the fire. Waterspray nozzles are ideal for fighting fires involving inflammable and flammable liquids and gases. The fire fighting performance of the MV open type sprayer is considerably enhanced by the addition of a foam/water solution into the system. They have a wide range of flow capabilities and various discharge angles.

    • Hi Expansion (HI Ex) Foam

Das fire offers a range of High Expansion (Hi-Ex) Foam Generators to provide high quality, highly expanded foam for use in these systems. Buckeye water powered high expansion foam generators require no external power other than foam solution to ensure correct operation. It is recommended that High Expansion Foam Fire pro- tection systems be installed by a contractor having previous experience in installing similar fixed fire protectionfoam systems. The Hi-Ex Foam Fire Protection System must be designed and installed in strict accordance with standards, the Standard for High Expansion Foam Systems and any guidelines established by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) or the Insurance Carrier.

    • AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam)

Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF), when proportioned at the appropriate rate, form a vapor-suppressing seal for rapid control of hydrocarbon (diesel, gasoline, kerosene, etc.) spill fires. AFFF require low energy input to produce a high-quality foam blanket that floats on and quickly covers the fuel surface. Our AFFF systems provide rapid control, excellent burnback performance, and low application rates.

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“We were extremely impressed with the way this project was delivered, being the lowest tenderer, it is normal place to expect small problems, not with DAS Fire, they completed the project on time and without variation. A great job all round and I would not hesitate to use DAS fire again.”
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“DAS Fire have been servicing my fire Suppression system and when we had a system discharge there team had our system back up and running again in 48 hours, truly impressive.”
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