Our detection services include the following categories:
CO detectors

We provide a range of CO detectors from Apollo, System Sensor and Gent and integrate them into a system that best suites the client requirements in terms of budget, specification and immunity to false alarms.
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Flame detection for rapid response

There are several types of flame detector. The optical flame detector is a detector that uses optical sensors to detect flames. There are also ionisation flame detectors, which use current flow in the flame to detect flame presence, and thermocouple flame detectors.
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Heat detectors

Heat detectors have two main classifications of operation, “Rate of Rise” and “Fixed temperature” and are used in kitchens, car parks, loading bays and any area where combustion by product may occur.
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Smoke Detection

At DAS Fire we mostly employ smoke detection in our fire alarms and detection systems and as part of any fire suppression system to make sure that the fire is detected at the earliest opportunity whilst minimising false alarms.smoke detectors are available as standalone , conventional, addressable or digital devices.
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