CO detectors

We provide a range of CO detectors from Apollo, System Sensor and Gent and integrate them into a system that best suites the client requirements in terms of budget, specification and immunity to false alarms.

    Suggested systems

  • Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors are suitable when there is a risk of a deep-seated, smouldering fire. These typically produce large amounts of CO. They should be used in an enclosed space with a floor size of not more than 50m2 and where there is a likelihood of stratification. If the protected area is an escape route or corridor CO/heat multisensor detectors should be used for supplementary detection and not as the main means of detecting fires.

    They should not be used if the protected area is exposed to sources of CO, eg, vehicle exhausts, to hydrogen vapour or alcohol vapour as emitted by some cleaning agents

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“A great customer experience! The flexibility and speed of response from the project team, as well as the quality of the installation, commissioning and reporting was exceptional.”
Manager, London based fit out contractor

“We were extremely impressed with the way this project was delivered, being the lowest tenderer, it is normal place to expect small problems, not with DAS Fire, they completed the project on time and without variation. A great job all round and I would not hesitate to use DAS fire again.”
Director, Bristol Based main contractor

“DAS Fire have been servicing my fire Suppression system and when we had a system discharge there team had our system back up and running again in 48 hours, truly impressive.”
Centre Manager, Southern England

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